There are several places worth visiting in the small village of Kolkja. Check the opening hours on the companies’ websites:

Peipsimaa Heritage Centre. Old Believers House, chicory museum, large and exciting outdoor area, handicraft shop, handicraft workshops, Aunt Šura restaurant in summer. Open in summer, at other times by reservation.

Kolkja fish and onion restaurant. The menu includes dishes based on local old-fashioned recipes. When visiting with a larger group, we recommend booking places in advance. Open every day in summer. Other times by ordering in advance.

Prääniku tareke. A yellow house in the middle of Kolkja village, at the intersection of five roads, which offers wonderful pies and pastries. Other food as well. Open every day in summer; at other times the products are available by pre-order.

Peipsimaa Präänikutalu. A little off the main street, but worth a visit. Natalja, the hostess of Präänikutalu, is Sibulatee’s very first official onion pie master. So – onion pies are worth buying here! Pies, pastries, cookies – all this by ordering in advance.

Alyonushka buffet. Arriving in Kolkja from Alatskivi, guests are greeted by Aljona and her family’s barn, under which Aljonushka’s buffet is now open. Brunch is served on summer weekends. At other times, on pre-order and products can be pre-ordered for takeaway.

Kostja’s onion farm. A visit here must be booked in advance. Kostja introduces the four-year growth cycle of the local onion. It is also possible to order in advance to sit around the table with onion pies and samovar tea.

Places to visit on the Onion Route

On the Onion Roate, you can participate in various handicraft workshops and cooking lessons from local ingredients. Go on hikes, throw flying discs, try to conquer Peipus by boat, measure village streets or landscapes with scooters or sleds. Those who wish can take part in photography workshops or tasting of artisanal wines. Two animal farms offer excitement for children. Of course, you can take a steam in different saunas, meet the new day in different places of accommodation, and discover three cultures in museums and heritage centers.

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Events on The Onion Route

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